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Want to launch your creative business but don’t know where to start?

 I’m Lina and I’m here to help you start and brand an online business with compassion and integrity. Because the world needs more caring people like you running ethical, sustainable operations with their hearts wide open.


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This 30+page ebook will walk you through the nine basic steps you need to take to brand your business yourself and from scratch.

It’ll help you tell your brand story, find your style, design a logo, pick your colors and create a simple but effective brand for your budding business.

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Are you ready to brand your brilliant idea and launch your online business?

The logo kits are carefully assembled bundles of tools that’ll help you design your brand yourself even if you’re not very tech-savvy. Each Logo Kit contains 14 premade logos and plenty of bonuses to help you get your website ready and your business started.

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Hi there!

I’m Lina

and I’m on a mission to empower compassionate creatives to make the leap from dreaming of starting an online business to actually running it, while staying true to their believes and values.

Because, now more than ever, the world needs humans with huge hearts using their gifts to make a living in a way that helps people and brings hope and happiness to their community and ultimately, the world.

I’m multipassionate, introverted and I have an affinity for design, writing and minimalism. For seven years I’ve been running my own business that allows me to live a slow, simple and happy life.


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Read the stories, apply the branding, business and productivity tips and leave your thoughts in the comments. See you there! :)


take the first step

“The steps you take don’t need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction.” —Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You don’t need to know everything from the start. You just need to get it going and figure out the details along the way. That’s how life works most of the time anyway. Let me help you take that first step.

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