10 Female Photographers on Unsplash You Should Know About

How many times have you scrolled through Pinterest and drooled over beautifully designed blog graphics? You might’ve noticed many of them use the same photos underneath their distinctive brand elements and you might've wondered 'Where the heck can I find pretty photos like these?'

Well, today I’ll show you where some of those stunning photos come from.


It's common knowledge that photos give great depth to your website. Instead of using patterns or plain colours, you grab an image and bam! — you've got structure and you convey emotions. This is why I love using photos on my blog.

Stock photos vs. your own photos

Oh, there's no question about that—your own photos beat a stock photo every time if (and this is a HUGE if) it has the same quality. If you for some reason can’t take stunning pictures or if you are just starting out your creative business and you are overwhelmed by it all as it is, stock photos are your best friend.

For now stock photos are the way to go for me, too. My office is terribly dark almost all year around and as we all know no light, no photography. So for now I have a great excuse to go on photo shopping spree on Creative Market and loose myself on a Sunday afternoon on Unsplash.com

That being said, when I get the chance to set up studio somewhere else the first course I'll take will be Chairtra's Phone-O-Graphy.

Enters Unsplash

I remember the time before you could simply go online and download a photo from Unsplash or any of the other good sites for totally free stock images. Back then we used Flickr, and more specifically photos that were listed under Creative Commons as free to use for commercial purposes. You can still do it if you fancy but with Unsplash and all the other websites where you can find free photos for your online empire, the whole exercise seems rather tiresome.

So, raise your coffee cup (or mimosa glass, cuz why not) and say biiiiiig thank you to all those talented women who let you use their amazing photos (for free), so you can focus on what you do best — your very special kind of magic.

Brand them, girl

OK, so how to make the photos everybody else uses look one of a kind and feel in tune with your brand?

Easy—just brand them!

The (not so secret) secret of using stock photos is to put your brand on them (put a ring on it, love). Don’t use them “as is”, change them. I’ll write a whole blog post on the best ways to create graphics for your brand using stock photos but that's another story for another time.

Now, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my absolute favourite photographers on Unspash. Behold my

Top 10 female photographers on Unsplash


Do you use stock photos?

Do you have your favourite Unsplash photographer? Let me know in the comments below.


Stay curious, love, see you next week!