11 Reasons You Should Choose Squarespace Over Wordpress

I created my first website a very long time ago and it was a nightmare. Back then I didn’t know anything about Wordpress and Squarespace wasn’t invented yet. So I picked my dad’s coding books, and wrote HTML and CSS by hand! In Notepad! Crazy, right?

Unfortunately, I don’t have that gem-of-a-website anymore (not even the Wayback Machine can go that far in the past) but I can tell you that it took me a month to create one page of awful dark backgrounds, neon headlines and bitmap gifs (ah, the 90s). After this experience I stayed away from web design for quite a while.

And then one day I discovered Wordpress and I was hooked. It was so easy to create a blog compared to the grueling code typing. But as with all good things, once you know there’s something better than what you’ve experienced, you start to look for the best for you.

11 Reasons You Should Choose Squarespace Over Wordpress

So after years of Genesis frameworks, drag and drop themes and absolutely no support to speak of, I was tired of Wordpress and ready for something new. Besides, most hosting companies offered packages I couldn’t really understand, let alone use.

And then I found Squarespace. I packed, moved and I've never looked back since. Simple as that. I really love having my online home on their particular internet island and here are my 11 reasons why:

11 reasons you should choose Squarespace over Wordpress

1. You don't HAVE TO KNOW HOW to code

Not a single line of coding is necessary to create a stunningly beautiful and highly functional website. And this here was enough for me to make the move from Wordpress to Squarespace.

2. The design is beautiful, simple and full of light

As a graphic designer I felt almost offended by the cPanel (web hosting control panel) and by the Wordpress back-end itself. Squarespace has a very clean, simple and light design and I’m yet to find something less than pretty on their website.

3. It's limiting and that's a good thing

After years of struggling with broken design and coding mistakes I realized something important — Wordpress is amazing for developers. If you can code with Wordpress the world is your oyster. But if you are a quilt maker and all you want to do is to create a gallery of your newes project and add it to your portfolio, you don’t want to have all the freedom, you want a quick process and beautiful results.

Unlimited freedom is great if you’re a web designer AND web developer. For everybody else, we want pretty and easy and we want it now!

4. It's easy to use

Squarespace is one of the most intuitive services I’ve ever used. If you have some experience with Wordpress, you’ll love how simple everything is in comparison . And if something doesn’t go well, you always have someone to ask.

5. You're never alone, you have customer support

That was my second huge reason of switching to Squarespace. I was so sick and tired of the forums, which were of little help, or asking developers, which was expensive, and more often than not, a waste of time. I was googling things ALL the time. Imagine running a business that isn’t related to developing websites and spending all your time doing just that.

So, I was so happy when there was actually someone who was able to answer my questions. Which were far less than when I had my Wordpress website. Because…

6. Squarespace doesn't break

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll open my Wordpress website to see something missing or not aligned properly or moving around by the influence some kind of Hogwarts hex. Fixing it would take me hours and I’d feel so frustrated and helpless. All this stopped the moment I moved to Squarespace. Now I have a website that never breaks on it's own, works on mobile and I can focus on what I actually do best — design.

7. It's not that easy to hack

I remember having to install Wordpress plugins against hacking and I was shocked to find out how often accounts get hijacked. I’m sure Squarespace isn’t 100% secure, nothing is, but if anything like this happens I won’t have to deal with it alone, I’ll have the customer support backing me up.

8. Everything is in one place

The hustle with having all these websites and accounts to deal with was so tiresome for me. I had three separate accounts (usernames, passwords and all) with three different companies — one for my domains, one for my hosting and one Wordpress account. And at some point I had two blogs, so that meant an additional Wordpress account.

All these service providers had their platforms with their different (and less than ideal) designs. I wanted something minimal simple, light yet functional and robust. And Squarespace gave me that and so much more — all in one place!

9. You have clear pricing

Traditional hosting providers have mind-boggling terms and conditions. I was never sure if my traffic allowance will be enough for the month, or would I have to pay extra if one of my articles goes viral.

Also, I roll my eyes every time I see a “$0.99” domain registration. If you’ve ever registered a domain you know how many additional fees and “extras” come to that. I’ve never payed less than $20 for a domain, when it wasn’t attached to hosting package.

The Squarespace transparent pricing was like breath of fresh air for me.

10. You can do it all by yourself OR you can hire a designer and even a developer if you wish to

If, for whatever reason, you're not creating your website yourself, you can hire a designer. In fact, I’ll be offering Squarespace design services in 2019 as part of my new branding and web design bundle.

However, I’ll continue to teach you how to use Squarespace to create and maintain your own website, because even if we work together to set up an amazing website for your business, you’ll still need to change it as your business grows and evolves. And this is where the true power of Squarespace lies:

11. You can make changes to your website and maintain everything easily without waiting for a quote, or without any extra costs for you

This is my third huge reason why I moved to Squarespace. I needed the freedom to add content, change images, create new pages and make them functional as quickly as possible.

You see, I started my business super small and I experimented a lot. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to offer. I knew I wanted to help women start and run their creative operations, either when traveling and experiencing our beautiful world, or when taking care of their little ones at home. I just didn’t know how.

I created the Mindful Pixels brand as simple as possible and designed a website that has undergone countless transformations since. And it will most likely undergo countless more.

So the bottom line is that you should have full control over your website, your true online home, so you can change it as your business changes. Squarespace gives you that freedom.

What I miss about Wordpress

I don’t want you to think that Wordpress is bad in any way. In fact, this is just my experience, yours might be the exact opposite.

Wordpress is a great service and it has served me for many years. We go a way back, so there is a lot of good to be said about that platform, too. In the name of full disclosure, I’d like to share with you the two things I miss terribly about Wordpress.

Member area

This is one thing Squarespace doesn’t do. There are services that provide a member area for Squarespace (such as MemberSpace), but they are payed and somewhat limited. So if you have people logging in to your website, you might want to stick with Wordpress after all.

Free Pluggins

Sometimes I’d like to add functionality that Squarespace simply doesn’t have. Like a countdown calendar. Or a 'Tweet This' button. It can be done, it’s not impossible, but it’s way more complicated than just installing a free plugging and setting it up.

Wondering which platform to choose?

I created a simple mini quiz that'll help you decide which platform to choose for your website. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below:

11 Reasons You Should Choose Squarespace Over Wordpress - Mini Quiz

If you'd like to have the mini quiz as a PDF, you'll find it in the Pixie Resource Library right here or if you're not a pixie sister yet, you can join the pixies and get full access to the free workbooks, here:

A disclaimer (of sorts)

Oh, and by the way this article is not sponsored by or affiliated with Squarespace in any way. I just love their service and all I really want is to help you feel confident and in control of your own website — after all, that's where your business lives — your beautiful online home.

What do you think?

How about you? Where is your website hosted and how did you decide which platform to choose?