7 Books Every Creative Solopreneur Should Read

2017 has been (and still is) my year of learning. I paid good money for a couple of amazing courses and devoured a bunch of books that changed the way I do business and my view on success, money, creative work and being an online entrepreneur.

And because I just know you’ve been panicking like there’s no tomorrow about those unreached 2017 goals on your list (it’s that time of the year, love, we all are hustling and bustling) I’d like to give your beautiful brain and ginormous heart something better to do — learn, grow and think ahead.

Here they come, 7 Books every creative solopreneur should read…

7 Books Every Creative Solopreneur Should Read

Your Best Year 2018

by Lisa Jacobs

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I’ll start with the last book I’ve read, because it’s a must for every creative business sister out there. I just started working my way through it and I’ve already improved my productivity and focus.

For example, Lisa mentions organizing her working hours in powerblocks. I’ve called mine "superfocus time" and with her help I fine-tuned them. Also, I love the idea about how setting “the new zero” before you’ve reached your initial goal, is damaging your motivation. Oh, and the visualization prompts are genius. It’s a great book and I cannot recommend it enough.

I got mine on Etsy, right here: Your Best Year 2018 (Digital)

(nope, no affiliate link, just a happy customer)

The Go-Giver

by Bob Burg, John David Mann

This small book changed how I look at my business completely. Giving, without asking for anything in return, is the very definition of true love and applying the same principle to my business is the most liberating thing I did for it this year.

How to Style Your Brand

Fiona Humberstone

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Whether you want to DIY your brand or entrust me with this magical endeavour, this is a great book that’ll help you understand the power of branding, and how it can help your business thrive.

It'll give you a very clear idea how to do things yourself or what to look for in a designer, when you are ready to invest in professional branding experience.

And if you are ready to start making positive changes right this moment, my Brand Creation Workbook is just for you, too.


Breaking the Time Barrier

by Mike McDerment

This little (and free!) book gave me a new way of looking at my creative genius. I now see it not as a commodity, but as a gift. If you are struggling to price your offerings and position yourself in the market, this book will help you get in the right mindset.

Deep Work

by Cal Newport

This is where my "superfocus time" idea came from. Multitasking is a myth, I’ve known that for a long time, but actually reading about the process of focusing, the power of single tasking and how you can almost create time out of thin air, was mind blowing.

Make Every Man Want You

by Marie Forleo

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If I had a person I called a guru, it’ll be Miss Marie Forleo. This book is not about guys and how to date them, it’s about self-love, self-discovery, and most importantly finding your true magic, that superpower of yours, I call your creative genius.

This book's focus is on YOU. It doesn't give you instructions how to be more appealing to others, but urges you to think of ways to lead an interesting, passionate life and by doing so inviting amazing people into your life.

And yes, if you're single, you'll get great advice about how to go about ending your singlehood if this is what you truly want. *wink, wink*

The Power of Habit

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop getting to bed so darn late? Or why it’s freaking impossible to lose those 10 pounds? Our brains love patterns; they look for them, create them (even when there are none) and stick to them as if our survival depended on it. Well, it does. Or it did in the past, at least. And this is why habits are so sticky. But there’s hope. If you get to know the habit loop you can reprogram your pink creative brain to work for you, not against you. This book will show you how.



 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

by Marie Kondo

This book has nothing to do with business, but it helped me declutter my life so much, I was able to make space (and time) for new adventures, including business ones. There’s nothing better than a clean slide to start your year with. Give it a try


Do you have a book that made a huge difference in your business this year?