7 Clear Signs You Need to Rethink Your Brand Identity

Branding a business is not for the faint-hearted.

The process requires deep soul-searching, and, at some point, meeting your demons. Yep, all your fears and self-doubts gathered around the proverbial fire of your passion, pointing and laughing.

But it also means building a sustainable business. It means making absolutely sure you are talking to the right people and not to a bare wall.

It means silencing these particular demons for good.

7 Clear Signs You Need to Rethink Your Brand Identity

Mindful Pixels grew organically from a little side project to a dwelling place for multi-passionate magic makers, so it was in dire need of a bigger home. (And a new hair cut.)

Back in 2013, when it all started, I did a quick logo, got myself a Wordpress theme and started blogging.

No branding process to speak of — no goals, no audience avatar, nothing.

And now.. well, it simply didn’t feel right to offer branding advice before I’ve sorted out my own house.

Looking back, I saw how many changes I've made and it made me dig a little deeper — at least once a year I'll sit down and rebrand.


Couldn't I just do it once and then freshen things up every three years or so?

The answer is—yes I could have done that, if I've gone through the proper branding process the first time. Or the second...



You should rebrand if:

1. Your brand is no longer in tune with what you want to say to your readers.

You know, when you're giving branding advice and your brand is half-baked.


2. You feel dread and despair every time you open your blog and start editing.

A hard to control Wordpress theme gave me all kinds of headaches.


3. You have to invent and reinvent new elements because the old ones doesn’t work or you just hate them.

Designing a new blog image from scratch every time I wanted to publish a post didn't help with my bad case of blogging procrastination.


 4. Your brand design looks out of date.

This is why you shouldn’t go completely wild on the neon colours and glitter textures. Keep your main elements simple (and who doesn't love simple but genius) and splash colour as cayenne pepper — make it hot, don't ruin the pot!


5. You decide to change everything about your business.

If you are a yoga teacher and one day you decide to stop teaching and become a travel photographer instead – splendiferous! You’ll have a different audience and you’ll need new brand design to appeal to that new audience. Yep, no more rainbow mandalas for you.


6. You’ve grown sooo much, you've touched the sky.

You love your brand as it is, but you need it to grow (but not grow up!) to match your new awesomeness. That’s the best reason to rebrand. I wish it upon you! xxxx (Four magical swans representing kisses, according to the celtic mythology, I kid you not.)


7. You never done it properly in the first place.

"Ahem, I plead guilty, your honor."

"Let the defendant know, it pays off to do it right the first time.

The jury is thanked and excused. Court is adjourned."



These were my seven reasons to rebrand Mindful Pixels first thing this year. Now it’s time to share your thoughts:

Do you love your brand? Do you think you've outgrown it? What can you do to improve it?


Stay happy!

♥ Lin