How To Choose The Best Squarespace Template For Your New Website

How to choose the best Squarespace template for your new website |

OK, you’ve got your business idea, you’ve done your research, made all preparations and now you need a website so you can get to the ‘making a living and helping people’ part.

But where do you start?

And do you need a website at all?

Why can’t you just have your YouTube channel and your Instagram account and rock it there?

This is a topic for a whole other article, but here’s my (very) short answer:

Look at it like this - you need a home you can arrange as you wish and where you can welcome your guests and clients. This is your website.

All social media platforms are a public library with a noisy coffee shop in it - nothing there is yours, except for your precious content.

You can’t live in a coffee shop and you can’t have your business solely on a social media platform.


Why Squarespace?

To quote myself from a few weeks back:

If you’re starting as a one-woman business and web design is just one of the bazillion things you’ll need to do on a daily basis, Squarespace might save you a lot of time.

Wordpress is an amazing platform if you need more freedom and have the time to learn web design or the means to hire a web designer or developer right away.

Here are more tips on how to choose a platform for your website when you're new to the whole ‘running a business on your own’ thing: Squarespace vs Wordpress — Which Platform to Choose When You're Starting Your Business


How to choose a Squarespace template for your website

The best answer I can give you is: quickly.

Remember, you can change it later if it doesn’t work for you. Yes, it takes time and effort, but ultimately you’ll loose more if you’re spending your days choosing “the perfect” template instead on building connections with your people, creating your offerings and making money.

Learn more about the 3 Cs of building a small business (Connect, Create, Charge) in the free Brand Basics guide.

To help you make a quick and informed choice I’ll give you a little bit more information to work with and I’ll narrow down the choice for you.


The 2 best Squarespace templates for new business owners

Squarespace templates are organized in families. Each family gets its name from one main template and is made of templates that are styled differently but have similar structure and the same functionality.

I’ve worked with several families but in the end, I always come back to two. When it comes to combining simplicity, functionality and flexibility Brine and Bedford are the only two families that work for me.


This family contains too many templates to list here, but my favorites are Brine, Greenwich and Sonora.

Brine is by far the most versatile template and it offers the most design flexibility without the need of coding.


The Bedford family is made of the Bedford, Bryant, Hayden and Anya templates.

If, for some reason, you can’t find a suitable Brine template take a look at the Bedford family. It offers two things the Brine templates don’t: a blog sidebar and a visible on the page folder structure.


3 questions to help you choose the best Squarespace template for your new website

1. how do I want my homepage to look?

Browse the Brine and Bedford templates and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want images that stretch from side to side?

  • Will my business name look better on the image or over the image?

  • Do I need a long, scrolling page or a full screen image?

  • Do I want my navigation to stay put or to move with scrolling?

Preview all templates on this page and pick the ones where you like the home page.

All templates are good and will do the job. Trust your gut on that one. You need to feel comfortable with your choice and enjoy the process of building your website.

Most other pages on your website will look the way your home page looks, with the exception of your blog page.

2. how do I want my blog page to look?

Browse the Brine and Bedford templates and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want a list-style blog page or a grid-style?

  • Do I need a sidebar?

  • Do I need a featured image on my blog summary page or will plain text will be enough?

Click on a specific blog posts and see how they look. It’s true that you can make some changes to your template style later, but if there are several things you don’t like, it might be a good idea to keep looking.

3. what do I want to put on my website right from the start?

I recommend starting as simple as possible.

In fact here’s how to start with only three pages: The 3 Essential Website Pages You Need to Launch Your Small Business

However, if you need something specific such as event calendars, sidebars on pages or any other special features, make a list of them and look for these on each template or in these comparison charts.


What if none of the Brine or Bedford templates work for me?

Then you need to get to the Squarespace templates page and use the three questions above to find the best match for you. It’ll take time, but if none of the Brine or Bedford templates feel right, then you have to do what you have to do.


Getting started with Squarespace

If you’ve been putting off starting your business because you can’t do your website yourself now is the time to take action. Or if you have a website you hate updating because of how complicated everything is, now is a good time to move.

I hereby declare that I’m starting a ‘Getting Started with Squarespace’ series that’ll help you do just that.

I’ll take you through the process of creating a simple, beautiful and effective website for your business without any CSS coding or fancy graphic design acrobatics.


Take action now:

  1. Open the Squarespace page and pick your template.

  2. Create your account.

  3. Create these 3 pages.

  4. Get the Brand Basics guide and brand your website and business.

Do you use Squarespace?

If yes, which template do you use and why? If no, which platform do you use and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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