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The 5 Brand Design Essentials You Need to Launch Your Project

Have have you ever drooled over a gorgeous, put together brand board on Pinterest and wished your colors and fonts looked that dreamy?

I already told you about all 9 essential elements you need to create your entire brand from scratch and today we’ll dive into the design side of things.

Confession time

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest and I’ve probably got my eyes in a heart shape over the same images as you. (And yes, it’s all in the name of research. Even the vegan cheesecake recipes — they’re for a “project”, of course!)

So I can tell you with a relative degree of certainty that …

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How to Choose Colors for Your Brand So You Don't Have to Change Them Constantly

Understanding colors is like learning magic spells at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Or Illvermorny, if you prefer).

Every color has specific properties that can be used to generate a physical and mental response in people. Think of it as part of your Charms lessons.

Or if you’re not a Potterhead, think of it as aromatherapy.

But instead of “using essential oils for improving psychological or physical well-being”, you’ll use colors to prompt an emotional reaction in your readers and customers.

In brand design, adding color to your logo is usually the moment when the brand magic happens. Everything comes together and all of a sudden you get from simply “having a few black graphics on a white screen” to a soul-stirring visual fairy tale.

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The 9 Essential Brand Elements You Need To Start Your Online Business

There’s a lot of confusion going on about what a brand is, which elements you need to start your business and how to go about getting them. Let’s tackle this heads on so you’ll have a clear idea what to do, when you need to design a website and start your online business.

What is a brand?

If you google the word “brand” you’ll get a definition similar to “an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes a business or product from its rivals”.

That sounds very proper and it’s also true, but I don’t find it very helpful. For one, I don’t like the word “rival” — what are we, gladiators? I prefer the word peers (or business sisters).

And second, distinguishing yourself from someone else means you’ll be playing what I call “the comparison game”. Let’s be honest, you’ll be doing a lot of the “who’s better than me” dance and we all know where that particular rabbit whole leads. (Desperation. It lead’s to desperation.)

And this is not a good way to start anything, let alone something you’ll be pouring your heart, soul and every free second into.

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