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How to Plan for Creativity Not Just Productivity

Have you ever wondered why batching your tasks to save time doesn’t always work for you?

I’m a big fan of batch days and organizing your work in a way that’ll help you get a lot of results quickly. (Who isn’t, right?)

I had my first planner when I was about 11 years old and I used it to organize my summer vacation and come up with the perfect day of activities.

The first item on my timetable was “go to bakery to pick bread for granny”. This adventure was supposed to happen at 5 am. Yep, I was a productivity nerd long before it was a thing.

I also had my much younger cousin and sister around, who were required to come along of course. Poor kids! Thankfully for them, we didn’t stick to this plan for too long.

For one, summer vacations are not meant to be structured and the whole schedule was just forgotten pretty quickly.

And second …

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