What Freebie To Offer When You're Just Starting Your Small Business

What freebie to offer when you're just starting your small business | linachervenkova.com

If you’ve been using the internet for more than a week you already know what a freebie is, but here it is one more time if you have any doubts:

A freebie, also called an opt-in, free opt-in, lead magnet, incentive, incentive download, or content update, is a small but valuable offering you give for free to everybody who shares their name and email with you.

In other words, when somebody subscribes to your newsletter, she gets a free sample of your work that can help her solve a specific problem, motivate her or help her get clarity.

Do you need a freebie when you’re first starting your business?

As always, starting simple is best.

So my answer is: Yes, but not straight away.

You can start your email list offering only your weekly emails and add your freebie when it’s ready.


Waiting to have everything lined up can be a procrastination trap, since you’ll never be 100% ready. So set up your email marketing first and start working on your free offering next.

3 reasons why you need to offer a freebie to your audience

  • You start a relationship with your subscriber by giving her something of value in exchange for something equally valuable to you - her information, time and attention.

  • You give a free sample of your work and so people know exactly what to expect from you. By doing so you surround yourself with people who are truly interested with what you have to offer.

  • You help people who can’t afford your paid services just yet.

What can you offer?

I often say that you don’t have to be an expert to offer something of value to your readers and customers.

All you need to do is talk from experience, from your heart and with the goal to help people.

So don’t let that “Oh, but I don’t have an expert status yet” stop you. You have so much to offer, so go ahead and find out how to do it best.

What freebie to offer when you're just starting your small business | linachervenkova.com

Here are things you can offer with little initial effort

  • PDFs — Use Canva or Google Slides to create a workbook, mini- ebook, checklist, guide, list, etc.

  • Email courses — If you struggle with designing graphics, use your writing skills alone to create a sequence of 3-5 emails on one specific topic.

  • Pre-recorded videos — Use your camera phone to record a short training or a tutorial. Edit with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, upload as unlisted video on Youtube and send the link to your subscribers.

  • 1-on-1 calls — Offer a short consultation, an introductory video chat, or a (virtual) coffee date. Schedule it via calendly.com and meet on Skype or on appear.in

There are more freebie categories you can offer, such as webinars, free physical samples, free shipping and much more, but these four kinds of offerings you can do quickly yourself and on a tiny budget.

And just to get your imagination going, here are some freebie ideas that offer a specific solution to a specific problem.


10 freebie ideas for newbie business owners

  1. 5 Yoga Poses That’ll Help You Get Rid Of Your Lower Back Pain (30min pre-recorded video)

  2. 10 Healthy Vegan Snacks to Take On Your Summer Trips (recipe book / list)

  3. The Ultimate Productive Morning Routine Checklist (checklist / workbook)

  4. The 3 Rules for Naturally Glowing Skin (mini ebook)

  5. 30 Minutes Free Discovery Call (1-on-1 call)

  6. 10 Journaling Props to Boost Your Self-Confidence (workbook)

  7. Going Minimal - The Basics (guide / email course)

  8. Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram (free workbook / email course)

  9. Heal Your Gut by Eliminating These 10 Foods From Your Diet (list)

  10. Rock Your Next Photoshoot - 5 Timeless Styling Tips (mini ebook)

What freebie to offer when you're just starting your small business | linachervenkova.com
What freebie to offer when you're just starting your small business | linachervenkova.com

How to create your freebie?

The quick answer is: Use what you know, use what you have right now and do your best until you can do better.

It’s never going to be perfect so find a way to make it work right now.

For example, if you don’t have a DSLR camera, use your phone (and excellent natural light) to record videos until you can get better equipment. Use Canva, Google Docs or Google Slides to create your PDFs until you can use something better or hire help.


Don’t despair if you don’t have all the fancy gadgets and tools. Remember, creativity and ingenuity are born from overcoming limitations not from enjoying the perfect conditions.

So, are you ready to create your freebie and start sharing your gifts with your audience?

Take action now:

  1. Decide what problem you can solve, what question you can answer or what small thing will delight your potential customer.

  2. Decide which format is suitable for your freebie and will make the most sense for you right now.

  3. Schedule a week or so to write, edit, format and launch your freebie.

What freebie to offer when you're just starting your small business | linachervenkova.com

What is my freebie?

My freebie is a mini-ebook called the Brand Basics guide. It gives an answer to one simple question: “What do I need to do to brand my business when I’m just starting out if I have no design experience and only a tiny budget?”

The 9 essential brand elements I walk you through in the guide are the bare minimum you’ll need to launch your small online business. They can be as simple or as fancy as you make them.

Curious? Get the Brand Basics Guide to find out more.


What is your freebie?

Do you offer a freebie to your email subscribers? What is it? And how did you choose it? Let me know in the comments below.

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