are you ready to brand your brilliant idea and start your online business?

Hey lovely,

If you’ve been “almost ready” to launch your website for the last couple of months, but you still don’t have your logo and brand design figured out, let’s talk.

So, you’ve got your domain and maybe even picked a template for your website. You have a vision in your head how you want everything to look and feel but you have no idea how to go about designing your logo, brand and website.


And you’re not ready to hire a designer yet.

Maybe you’re on a tiny budget or your business idea is still evolving and changing too often for you to invest in professional branding.

But you’re also not very tech-savvy and the thought of DIYing it all overwhelms you so much you want to drop everything, binge-watch Harry Potter and eat coconut vegan cookies by the bucketful.

I know how you feel, but I also know there’s a fire within you to create and to help people, using your knowledge, gifts and talents. You’re eager to start your business, make a difference and you just need a little bit of guidance and support.

I’m here to help you design your logo and brand so you can finally launch the business you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

But first, let’s make something very clear:


Your first logo won’t be your last logo.

There’s no substitute for a professionally designed brand. At some point, your business will outgrow your first logo and you’ll be ready to work with a kind and talented designer who understands your brand.

But by then, you’ll already have a growing business and not just an untested and unrefined idea. This is why it’s important to start right now, using what you have and doing the best you can.

Waiting for the perfect conditions or to be ready is a waste of your precious time — the situation will never be perfect and you’ll never be 100% ready.


The most important thing right now is to start.

And if:

  • you are starting your business on a tiny budget or

  • you want to test a side hustle first or

  • you know you’ll need to make changes as your business grows,

designing everything yourself and keeping simple is probably your best option.


But you don’t have to start from scratch.

And you definitely don’t have to do it all alone.

If you want more than a font logo but you don’t know how to design it yourself, using a premade logo kit is the way to go.

With a kit like this, you can create a simple but versatile logo you can change yourself at any time. As a bonus, you’ll learn what you like and don’t like when it comes to your own brand design. This will be very helpful when you decide to work with a designer later on.

Here are the 7 diy logo kits for canva I created for you:

All the tools you need to design a simple and elegant logo yourself — 7 DIY Canva Logo Kits |

the logo kits

The logo kits are carefully assembled bundles of tools that’ll help you design your brand yourself even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

Each Logo Kit contains 14 premade logos. Each logo has three versions — a main logo, a font logo and an icon logo — and SVG file illustrations you can edit directly in Canva.

The bonuses, such as color palettes and tutorials, will help you finish your website with ease and finally launch your products and services.

All the tools you need to design a simple and elegant logo yourself — 7 DIY Canva Logo Kits |


All the tools you need to design a simple and elegant logo yourself — 7 DIY Canva Logo Kits |

wordmark (font only logo)

All the tools you need to design a simple and elegant logo yourself — 7 DIY Canva Logo Kits |

submark (icon logo)

All the tools you need to design a simple and elegant logo yourself — 7 DIY Canva Logo Kits |

14 SVG vector files for canva


7 logo kits to choose from

Your combination of talents and gifts are unique and your business won’t be like anybody else’s. This is why a brand designer asks all these questions before she starts creating your one-of-a-kind logo. But if this isn’t an option for you right now, I’d like you to be able to come as close as possible to a logo as you see in your head.

This is why I created seven logo kits and each offers a different design look and feel. Lavendera is botanical, Araminta is minimal, Luna is rustic, Cedrica is geometrical, Lea is all about mandalas, Luminea about crystals and Tulipa about flowers.

If none of the seven kits match your style, then maybe these are not the right kits for you. Keep looking and keep in mind that the sooner you have a simple brand and a functional website, the sooner you can focus on what matters most — helping people and making money, or in other words - running a compassionate business.

Ready to pick your kit and get to work?

— use the arrows to browse through all the images and find the perfect logo for your business —


diy canva logo kit
forest witch

Meet Lavendera. Her wild imagination takes her to strange and wonderful places. Her rich inner world is like a set for a magical fairy tale and if you're really lucky she'll invite you to join her for a chamomile tea and a long walk there.

With her creative mind, intense focus and unmatched patience she turns everything she touches into a work of art.

She's not afraid to take the road less traveled and to find her own path through the murky forests of life. She'll teach you to always be true to who you are and to trust your inner voice, no matter what.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
gentle minimalist

Meet Araminta. The urban jungle is her playground. There she finds infinite possibilities to meet new people, discover the world and live a full life.

Her curiosity and an acute sense of right and wrong are unmatched. She has found a just cause and she fights for it with every fiber of her being.

She's not afraid to speak out and defend those who cannot defend themselves. She'll show you that living a life without purpose isn't good enough and she'll teach you how to become a beacon of hope for your community.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
pirestess of light

Meet Luna. She is a moon child, guided solely by her perfectly tuned intuition. Everything about her and around her is still, serene and quietly beautiful.

She is a calm force of nature, the balance between light and the dark in each of us. She loves to sit on the beach and watch the ebb and flow of water and time. Her loving and gentle feminine presence is a beacon of hope for every lost soul seeking its way home.

She's not afraid of the dark and her bright light illuminates the dark places of your soul, helping you find your true path again.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
nordic druid

Meet Cedrica. Her wild and untamed beauty, her strength and her brave escapades are the very stuff legends are made of. She's an adventurer, deeply in love with nature and most of all with the peaks of the North.

Her strength is a compass. When life gets rough she'll guide you out of the storm and into the cozy embrace of a fire and a hot tea, where you can rest and gather your wits.

She's not afraid of being alone, on the contrary, she embraces solitude—it is the only way she can hear the mesmerizing song of the Universe.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
nurturing healer

Meet Lea. She's a compassionate and loving guardian, sent here to protect us and help us rise from the ashes. Her mere presence is enough for you to let your guard down and feel as if you've finally come home.

She creates a home wherever she goes, a safe harbor for wanderers and weary souls. She's a mother and she gives new life and new hope to everyone in her life.

She's not afraid of strangers. All the humans and animals on Earth are her family. She'll tell you that you're never alone and she'll teach you how to be a part of her loving tribe.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
boho shaman

Meet Luminea. She's born on a midsummer day and her heart is hotter than the Sun. Dancing, laughter and traveling the world it what she's made for.

She's an adventurer, an explorer, filled with endless curiosity about the world. Her optimism is highly contagious and her bubbly nature will make you forget your past regrets and future concerns.

She's not afraid to live with a heart wide open and being around her will teach you how to embrace each and every moment on this Earth like the precious gift it is.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.


diy canva logo kit
flower fairy

Meet Tulipa. She's a divine woman with a stunning smile and an infinitely kind heart. Her natural grace and cheerfulness invite you to take very good care of yourself and fully embrace the body you are born with.

Her gentle disposition is balanced by the immense power of her will to do good. And she's doing that by teaching us self-love and self-care.

She's not afraid of being vulnerable—it's the only way to fully express yourself. She sees the beauty in everyone and will help you to blossom when you are ready to do so.

If this sounds anything like you, this might be the right Logo Kit for you.



Deirdre says:

"Loved these all so much — it was hard just picking one sister group. Lavendera, Lea, and Tulipa all seemed perfect for just about every idea I came up with and made me stretch and imagine my brand in new ways. It also helped remind me how I can keep it simple and still be elegant, classy, artsy, and true to my roots. They were also all incredibly easy to use. I am not tech-savvy, so I was a little nervous about being able to use the bundle, but Lina made it so incredibly easy with the Canva links and the pdf to walk you through it! Literally, infinite possibilities just a click away! I've done all my website design from scratch so far, but this is so worth it. I still feel like I'm DIYing, just with an experienced, elegant friend in the corner giving me some solid tools to work with and peace of mind."
— Deirdre of



But that’s not all. Your logo is just the beginning of your brand design process. You’ll need a few other things to finish your website and get ready to launch. I packed each kit with plenty of bonuses to take you from having a vision in your head to creating a simple and elegant brand. Take a look:


bonus #1

color palettes

— 7 color palettes for each logo kit —


bonus #2

step-by-step tutorial

— How to design your logo in Canva —


bonus #3

apply for a 1:1 brand coaching

— 3 spots each month —


get your logo kit now

lavendera araminta luna cedrica lea luminea tulipa

so what’s exactly in each logo kit?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a full inventory of what you’ll get in each logo kit:


14 premade logos:

  • main logo

  • wordmark (font only logo)

  • submark (icon logo)

  • 14 SVG vector files you can upload and edit in Canva


  • 7 Color Palettes

  • DIY Your Logo In Canva - PDF Tutorial

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Application - PDF Form

start here pdf

  • tips on how to use this kit and make the most of it

  • answers to your frequently asked questions

  • links to curated image collections



Caitie says:

"The color palettes are a godsend. I have been toiling over picking colors for my branding, and now I feel like the perfect color palette landed in my lap in these kits. Of course, I'm not surprised that the delivery shows such talent and care - the instruction to implement the resources is well thought out and organized; and each design, palette, and word illustrates Lina's thoroughness and skill as a designer."
— Coach Caitie of


get your logo kit now

lavendera araminta luna cedrica lea luminea tulipa

how to chose your kit?

Keep it as close to your vision as you can.

When you design your logo yourself you might not be able to do it exactly as you picture it in your head. After all you’re not a designer and your main focus should be on connecting with your audience, creating content and value, helping people and making a living.

So when designing a logo with a logo kit, keep it as close to your vision as possible. For example, if you know you want to use a calligraphy font for your logo design, find a suitable font within Canva and use it to write down your business name. When your business grows and when you decide to rebrand, using another calligraphy font will be a minor change, not a major redesign.

This is why I created not one but 7 different logo kits — because I want you to come really close to your vision and brand look and feel.

And if you still can’t choose

you can get the whole bundle plus all the bonuses for only $49. This will give you the freedom to experiment with different styles, but it will also take more time, so choose wisely.

7 DIY Canva
logo kits
the bundle

If you want to combine two or more logo kits or if you can’t choose one and you’d like to test different styles first, you can get all 7 logo kits in one neat bundle.

You will get all 98 premade logos, plus all the bonuses to help you design your brand.



do I need Photoshop or Illustrator to edit the files?

No, you do not! This Logo Kit is made for Canva, so you can use it without any other design apps.

are the logos hand drawn?

Some of them. All Lavendera, Luna, Tulipa, Luminea and Lea logos are hand drawn by me. The Araminta and Cedrica logos minimal and are made with simple clear lines.

can I return the kit?

No. Once you get it, it’s yours forever. Due to the digital nature of this kit returns and refunds are not possible. However, if you you need more help or have questions get in touch and we’ll get it sorted.

how to resize my logo to fit my website?

Go to page 7 of the tutorial (’Bonuses’ > ‘DIY Your Logo - PDF Tutorial’) and follow steps 13 to 18.

how to change the colors of my logo

Go to page 6 of the tutorial (’Bonuses’ > ‘DIY Your Logo - PDF Tutorial’) and follow step 11.

how to add a tagline to my logo?

If you need a tagline to explain what your business does, add new text field, write your text and then format it by choosing a simple font that looks good with your logo font.

how to make my logo unique?

Even though this is a premade kit you can edit each logo in a way that’ll make it more yours and maybe even one of a kind. Here are some ideas:

  • Change the colors

  • Leave some colors white making them invisible

  • Change the font

  • Combine illustrations

  • Move the illustration

  • Rotate or flip the illustrations

can I get files with transparent background?

Yes, if you have Canva Pro. If not, go to page 7 of the tutorial (’Bonuses’ > ‘DIY Your Logo - PDF Tutorial’) and follow step 13 to 16 to export a non-transparent PNG file you can use on your website.

how to match the background if it isn’t white?

If your website background color isn’t white, put a layer behind your logo in the color of your website background and adjust your white logo colors to match it.

can I use my own fonts?

Yes, if you have Canva Pro. If not, pick a font that suits your brand style and start your business with it. Even though it’s not a good idea to change your logo too often, it’s better to have a business with the best logo possible, than aim for perfection and have no business at all.

where can I find the images you’ve used in the Canva logo files?

All images I’ve used are free for commercial use and are available on Also, you’ll get a link to a curated photo collection of free photos.

what if I need help with Canva?

Canva is easy to get started with and intuitive to use. Here’s where to find more help:

• There’s a bonus tutorial on how to DIY your logo in Canva (go to ’Bonuses’ > ‘DIY

Your Logo - PDF Tutorial’)

• Canva’s Design School -

• Tutorials on the blog -

what if I need more help with my brand and business?

If you want to talk to me about your brand or business, go to ’Bonuses’ > ‘1-on-1 Coaching Application’ and apply for one of the 3 bonus coaching spots I offer each month.

what if I need more help with this kit?

If something isn’t working properly, let me know at support @

I love this kit! can I leave feedback?

Oh, that’s so wonderful! I’ll be so happy to know how this kit helped your business! There’s even an easy to use form for that in the kit.

will there be updates? how can I get notified?

Yes! The logo kit will get updates! If you want to know when something new is uploaded you can subscribe for updates and I’ll let you know when I upload a new bonus or more logos.

where should I start?

Start by going through the bonus tutorial first. Go to ’Bonuses’ > ‘DIY Your Logo - PDF Tutorial’ and follow the steps.

get your logo kit now

lavendera araminta luna cedrica lea luminea tulipa

a note from Lina

By the time you’re done with your kit you should have:

  • a logo uploaded to your website,

  • brand colors to use for your text and backgrounds

  • and a look & feel for the rest of your brand identity.

But most importantly, you should have the confidence to design graphics for your business yourself.

Having a graphic designer on board is amazing — you’ll be able to focus on what you do best and she’ll take care of all things visual and graphic.

But in the beginning, when it’s just you, I encourage you to channel your inner Renaissance woman, embrace learning new skills, keep things simple and make the most with what you have right now.

Let’s make this happen!